About the Project Fair

Offer an event where Clubs can showcase their local or international Projects to Clubs that don’t have any or want to support other projects to help communities in
need. This event is open to Global and District Grants or Inter-Club investments.

Most important, create friendships and develop further collaboration between all dubs from both Districts, and to grow into more District participation every year.

Zones 25, 29, 28 and 17 Convene an International Project Fair. Rotary and Rotaract Clubs from throughout the world are invited to submit their projects.

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World Project Fair

Friday October 23, 2020

 Zoom Platform


18:00 – 18:05 – Inauguration Ceremony, Mc Greetings and introduction.

18:05 – 18:10 – Welcome Message and Inauguration by our RID Zone                                           25 and 29, 2020-2022 Suzi Howe.

18:10 – 18:15 – Welcome and Presentation of our RIDE Zone 25 &                                                 29, 2022 to 2024 Pat Merryweather

18:15 – 18:20 – Welcome Message by DG 5930 Eddie Bartnesky

18:20 – 18:25 – Welcome Message by DG 4130 Patricio Flores

18:25 – 18:30 – Message by CRLFR Zona 25A Allen Sellers. Why are                                             Project Fairs so Important?

18:30 – 18:35 – Program. World Project Fair Director Enrique Medellin

18:35 – 18:40 – Video Presentation

18:40 – 18:45 – Project Proposal Format. Eduardo Diaz

18:45 – 19:05 – Tribute to PRIP Carlos Canseco by PDG Salvador Rizzo                                       Tavares, Celebrating World Polio Day

19:05 – 19:30 – Friendship, Music, Surprises


Project Fair Description

Project Scope

  • The Rotary wheel cannot be stopped
  • Due to our world’s pandemic situation, we cannot be physically present, but our communities still need our help. This is the reason why we planned this Virtual International Project Fair.
  • Our main purpose is to hold an exhibition of projects and innovative ideas from Rotary and Rotaract clubs around the world, take action and provide alternative solutions towards our community’s needs
  • Among the 6 areas of Focus we welcome, Supporting the Environment as our 7th. We encourage our Rotaract Clubs to innovate with projects of this new Area of Focus.


  • Offer an event where clubs can showcase their local or international projects to clubs that don’t have any or want to support other projects to help communities in need.:
  • This event is open to Global and District Grants, or inter-club investments.
  • Promote and create friendship and develop further collaboration between clubs from around the world.
  • Help small and /or new Rotary Clubs get involved in International Projects. Learn how District and Global Grants work and can help them with their community projects.
  • Partnership with clubs to leverage Rotary Foundation funs to maximize funding possibilities for projects. In some cases this may lead to completion of a project that otherwise could not be completed because of lack of funding.

Areas of focus

  • Promoting peace
  • Fighting disease
  • Providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Saving mothers and children
  • Growing local economies
  • Supporting education
  • Supporting the environment

General information

  • A website and platform will be provided to showcase project information and videos
  • All projects need to be categorized into one or more Areas of Focus
  • We will offer motivational and instructional speakers as RI Global Grants Administrator Renee Reiling, RID Suzi Howe, RI Training Leader Salvador Rizzo, PI Coordinator Sonia Uribe, Silvana Bunea from Rotaract of Romania, and many more.
  • Representatives from USA, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, Romania will help promoting the event.
  • Innovation and new types of projects are expected
  • We will assist Rotaract projects

Required Project Information

  • Short Video or Power Point, 5 minutes max, explaining project
  • Project Name and description
  • Project location
  • Project timeline, start and end date expected
  • Area of focus
  • Clubs participating or other entities
  • Project contact
  • Total project cost or estimated cost.
  • Amount requested

Donate to help a Project

  • We know that some clubs are working hard to keep helping their communities, but as this pandemic continues, it is more challenging to get funds.
  • In response to this situation, we are preparing an innovative way to help Clubs to collect resources for their projects. “Donate to help a Project”.
  • You will be able to Donate to support your favorite project or projects.
  • Each project will have an account where donations will be totaled up to the amount set for that project. Our target is to help as many clubs as possible to accomplish their projects.
  • Support your favorite project!!

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