Water Stations and Global app “Rellénala or Refill It”

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Water Stations and Global app "Rellénala or Refill It" Build nine water stations in public places, and develop a global app “Rellénala or Refill It” where all Rotarians and our friends (businesses, public stations, restaurants, etc) commit time refill a bottle of water to anyone who ask for it specially those in need. The project y values in at least 40,000 usd, we currently have 15,000 in DDF, and we are looking for partners for economic resources and Aldo to become leader in their cities to develop the app and make alliances with all the rotary clubs, Rotaract, chambers of commerce, etc. The stations will be built in Culiacán a Navolato, two cities in Sinaloa with more than 30% of their population in poverty. With this we will help to stop wasting at least 5 million bottles per year, and make difference in thousands of people’s economy. The nine clubs working together already have made a community assessment, have agreements with local government to have the permits, and have the technical and technological alliance to develop the stations and the app and have sustainability along the time.