The Book Route

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Not all the people have the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent world we’re able to see. Not all the people is able to know that there’s a world surrounding them, due to their economic and educational limitations. The Book route is the project that can take the world to the people of all this communities in need. In some way by traveling around in to all this small villages we’ll be able to show culture, colors, flavors and all kinds of things and let them clear that there’s a life out there where to go and keep learning. Along the way well also talk about peace to the locals, so they can learn that violence is not a way to live a real life. If one word can make a difference in their lifes, imagine what a book can accomplish. Project Location: The Book route will have it's home in Morelia, Michoacan, and it will be touring in comunities like: Huiramba Lagunillas Project timeline: Starting date August 2021 Ending date August 2023 Area of Focus: Supporting education, Promoting peace Clubs participating or other entities: Rotary Club Camelinas and Foundation Amamba A.C. Project Contact: Danae Pimentel, Phone: +524432198653, mail: Diana Escobar, Phone: +524433316341, mail: Total Project Cost: $60,000.00 dlls Amount requested: $50,000.00 dlls Click for more info