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SUPPLY OF RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGE DIGITIZERS The “Southern Line” of the province of Rio Negro, in Argentine Patagonia is a region characterized by its great extension and extreme climates, with very harsh winters, and prolonged droughts. It has always been a region neglected due to its low population density, with great distances between towns and places, with unpaved roads, often impassable in the rainy or snowy season, which make it difficult for residents to access medical care. The objective of this GG is to provide X-Ray Image Digitization equipment to the PILCANIYEU, COMALLO, and ÑORQUINCO Programmed Area Hospitals, located 75 km, 110 km, and 184 km from San Carlos de Bariloche. The number of inhabitants benefiting from the use of these equipment is about 15,000 distributed in an area of 26,000 km2. Due to the high cost of the plates, and the contaminating residues that are generated, each hospital can perform only about 1,300 x-ray studies per year. These equipment will allow a practically unlimited number of studies to be carried out, better control of the evolution of patients and of endemic pathologies in the area, such as Hydatidosis and Cystic Fibrosis, with lower costs, and without liquid contaminants. As the three hospitals are connected with the “Zonal Hospital” of Bariloche, headquarters of the IV Sanitary Zone, the Digitization of Images will allow transmission of the studies, and interconsultations with specialized doctors. Click for more info