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RURAL WOMEN CHALLENGE Reduce the social and economic gap between the rural and urban population of the Quimbaya municipality, strengthening the commercial processes of the agricultural products of the peasant women of the QUIMQUINAGRO Association. The QUIMQUINAGRO Association is made up of 20 peasant women from the Quimbaya municipality, who have come together to improve their production processes. This process is well organized, but they have had great difficulty in the distribution and marketing chain, which has made it difficult for them to sell all their production, causing it to be lost on some occasions. Therefore, we intend to support the QUIMQUINAGRO association , through the organization of its entire distribution and commercialization process, which includes the opening of points of sale of its products in the urban sector of the municipality and electronic commerce, allowing its products to be offered permanently, which will allow the income of these rural women to improve. Click for more info