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“Powerful Women's Health” is a global grant project created with the aim of transforming the health and lives of 20,000 women in four Latin American countries: Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina, through the supply of menstrual cups for women in vulnerable contexts (low-income women, women in prisons, public college students, mothers head of household, immigrants), access to information on menstrual health and hygiene, and sensitization to all stakeholders about the importance of menstrual equity as a path towards empowerment and gender equity for girls and women. Healthier menstruation is the core of action enabling the full and equal participation of girls and women. According to the United Nations, 1 in 4 women are finding it harder to manage their periods during COVID-19 compared to before the pandemic. Most of the countries are facing lockdowns where schools, health centers, and community centers are closed. 47% of women find it harder to get menstrual materials like pads or tampons and 51% have less money to buy them, while 14% find it harder to talk about periods with the people they live with. There is no gender equity, without health and menstrual equity. There is no peace and social development without healthy girls and women. This project seeks to improve three fundamental aspects of the concept of health and menstrual hygiene of the beneficiaries: -Allow access to the menstrual cup to 20,000 women and basic training in women’s health, helping to improve the perception and good practices on menstrual health and hygiene, their self-knowledge, and self-confidence. -Save the planet 1,814 tons of waste that will no longer be thrown into the environment for 10 years (average duration of each menstrual cup), achieving a carbon footprint savings of 1,060,000 kg of CO2. -Eliminate the need to buy 52,8000,000 sanitary napkins (a supply that 20,000 women would need over 10 years), generating a joint savings of $ 7,920,000 USD Click for more info