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PLASTIC WASTE COLLECTION FOR PROCESSING, RECYCLE, REUSE, AND EMPLOYMENT GENERATION Proposal for a Global Grant Project Title: Plastic Waste Collection and Processing for Recycle, Reuse, and Employment Generation Host Club: Rotary Club of Visakhapatnam Port City Club International Club: Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise In collaboration with The Rotary Club of Naperville) Project Objectives: 1) To Collect Plastic Waste from 4 Wards of Visakhapatnam City, A.P., India, and process it for recycling and reusing it for beneficial purposes such as production of diesel oil and plastic tiles, and 2) generate employment for several unemployed youth, who are really motivated for improving the ambient environment of Visakhapatnam City . Project Background: Rtn Dr. Prakash Tata, during 2017 his annual volunteering and family visits to Visakhapatnam, A.P. India met members of the India Youth for Society (IYFS. Many of these youth are graduates from college and are unemployed. As activists, they are involved in environmental pollution remediation efforts such as the clean-up of plastic waste materials indiscriminately disposed of in Visakhapatnam on the streets, drains and the beach by the people, and cleaning up of water bodies in the city. Ever since he has been interacting with them and financially supporting their efforts. In 2019, he and Rtn. Dr. Roger Iliff also visited the site along with some IYFS members, where they were processing plastic waste. This site was given to them by the Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation. The IYFS volunteers literally were carrying the collected waste with bare hands and by renting auto rickshaws, which were charging a lot of money. In order to help the IYFS to improve the efficiency and productivity of their efforts, we thought that a pickup truck would help the group immensely. Bharathi Theertha, a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, raised money and the Naperville Rotary Charities also contributed towards the purchase of a new pick up truck. This truck was donated to the IYFS through the hands of the Municipal Commissioner of Visakhapatnam and the Vice Chairman of Visakha Urban Development Agency in February 2020. This truck is now being used to transport dry plastic waste collected to the processing site. Potential for Increased Productivity and Income Generation: A couple of very old and inefficient machines are currently cleaning and shredding the plastic waste at the site provided to the IYFS by the GVMC. The productivity of these machines is not satisfactory. Hence it is thought that if the IYFS is provided with energy efficient machinery, more plastic waste would be able to be processed for recycle and reuse. Also, more revenue can be generated by selling the processed plastic waste to bulk recyclers. In addition, more revenue can also be generated by renting the truck when it is not in use to local businesses to have their parcels and packages transported to and from bus stops, train station, and the airport and for delivering newspapers early in the morning to central locations from where they can be picked by paper boys for delivering to the homes of subscribers. This project may be used as a model for municipalities of other small towns. Waste Plastic Processing Machinery Needed and Associated Cost: After researching and talking to various vendors that sell plastic recycling machinery, we selected the machinery and obtained cost estimates from selected vendors. The list of the equipment needed is given below with the associated costs. Cost Estimate of the Project Waste Plastic Processing Machinery Needed: After researching and talking to various venders that sell plastic recycling machinery, we selected the machinery and obtained cost estimates from selected vendors. Cost Estimate of the Project Machine to process PET and baleing to a recycler Rs. 8,50,000 Or $12,200 2. Machine to Process LDPE ;Duster, grinder, washing Unit, agglomarater, extruder, Dhana cutter, colour mixer to make granules from thin plastic wastes3. Rs. 31,00,000 Or $44,300 3. Machine to Process HDPE, PP: Scrap plastic grinder Cutting machine with blades to cut thick plastic into chips Rs. 7,00,000 Or $10.000 4. Miscellaneous (spare parts, etc. for the above) Rs. 5,00.000 Or $ 7,000 5. Motor Bicycle Honda (Activa), Local transportation For volunteers to facilitate their movement for picking up plastic waste from 4 wards Rs. 79,000 0r $1,200 Total Rs. 52,20,000 Or $74,700 Click for more info