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PAINTING HOPE Adaptation of schools in rural areas, implementation of libraries and Virtual Technical Studies center for the community of Toche, Ibagué - Tolima. The study center will favor the community, not only in terms of education, but also in economic development. The village of Toche, located on the Cerro Machin Volcano, has historically been a corridor of the 50th front of the FARC. After the peace accords, it is committed to education, tourism and the social development of the community. Thus, taking advantage of the Internet available in the 4 schools of Toche-Tolima, through the Projects fair, it is desired to implement a virtual study center, in order to train the community in sustainable tourism and the environment. All this in alliance with the Ibagué sector SENA, thus achieving not only that the community access educational digital resources, but also, betting on local development and, through academic and work occupation, ensuring that the Toche community is in favor of the development of Peace and conflict prevention. Click for more info