Empowering Women project for the World Project Fair

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  Feminine Hygiene Kit Education and Distribution The young girls and women of Roatan face a great challenge in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Like many other countries, the COVID19 pandemic forced the island into quarantine, which means over 90% of the population has been unemployed since they rely directly on tourism as a source of income. For many this meant cutting back on expenses and prioritizing essentials like food, water and electricity yet, periods don’t stop for pandemics and with little to no money many women have had to resort to alternative for pads which are often not safe or hygienic. In the beginning of the pandemic, many organizations and individuals stepped up and provided aid with food bags some of which included a single pack of one time use sanitary pads however, although very generous this is was not sustainable and most of these aids have exhausted their funds. We need a safe, sustainable long-term solution to this, one option is reusable sanitary pads. The pads will be distributed to young girls in the various communities around the island. We will organize virtual education on sanitary pad care, conduct surveys and disseminate any additional needed information to address proper care and handling of pads using minimum water and soup. This project will be on-going and is envisioned to address not only the girls of Roatan but also Santos Guardiola, Helene, Guanaja and Utila. Click for more info