ECA – SUA FERTIGATION PROJECT (Reduction of water & chemical usage)

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ECA – SUA FERTIGATION PROJECT (Reduction of water & chemical usage) The project is focused on increasing the productivity of agricultural plots of small farmers who produce vegetables and coffee while diminishing the use of agrochemicals and increasing farmers income. This is to be achieved by making the best possible use of soil, fertilizers and water resources, the utilization of appropriate technologies and the application of best practices. The project is to be led by the Escuela de Ciencias Agrarias – “ECA” (Agricultural College/School) of the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica – “UNA” (National University of Costa Rica) and implemented with the participation of small farmers belonging to the Sociedad de Usuarios del Agua – “SUA” (Society of Water Users), and the Centro Agricultural Cantonal - “CAC” (Santa Barbara County Agricultural Center), a solidly established group of small vegetable and coffee producers from the Santa Bárbara county and surrounding areas in the Heredia province. The increased productivity of agricultural goods is expected to result in higher economic returns for the small farmers and accelerate community economic development. Click for more info