Creamos- Adult Education for 230 People in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump

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  Adult Education for 230 People in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump Creamos exists to create opportunities for women living in the communities surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump through an inclusive approach to lifelong financial, emotional and physical stability. In alignment with the Rotary’s focus area of education, Creamos respectfully requests your support to implement an adolescent and adult education program for 230 individuals during the 2021 school year. This project will incorporate both traditional & professional education in order to directly address the high rate of illiteracy and low educational attainment within the target community and increase employment in the formal sector. The traditional component of project, which includes government-accredited adult literacy, elementary, middle and high school, will serve 200 unique students during the coming year. There are an additional 100 individuals currently on the waitlist, who we hope to incorporate pending further funding. Despite the intrinsic value of traditional education on its own, successful employment within the formal sector hinges not only on obtaining a high school degree, but also on an individual’s ability to perform basic workplace tasks. Therefore, the proposed project incorporates weekly computation classes designed to provide an introduction to relevant computer skills and programs. In addition, biweekly English classes, will be available for students. Lastly, given that Creamos’ adult learners have never held employment within the formal sector, the organization will facilitate monthly professional development, financial literacy and job readiness workshops on various topics surrounding workplace etiquette. Unlike many adult education programs, the Creamos model incorporates free childcare for all learners, without which none of these individuals would be able to study. In addition, all students enrolled in the proposed project will have access to comprehensive mental health programming free of charge.