Capturing Water, Sowing Life

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Capturing Water, Sowing Life The project aims to provide quality water to more than 1 000 boys and girls from 4 rural schools in the Municipality of Taxco Guerrero Mexico. These schools do not have enough water and clean water and for this reason there have been gastrointestinal illnesses, loss of school days and school dropouts. To face this situation, the Club through this project seeks to reduce these problems with 3 components: 1.-Installation of 4 rainwater catchment systems that will allow schools to store 20,000 liters of quality water thanks to the accessories and filters. 2.- Installation of drinking fountains that purify the water with an ultraviolet light system, making it optimal for the consumption of the students as it is free of pathogens. 3.- Implementation of a demonstration school garden that serves as a training center to learn how to grow vegetables through organic systems free of agrochemicals. The project also has a training program on issues of sustainability, disease prevention, healthy nutrition, use and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems. Click here for more info