Capturing Water and Showing life

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The municipality of Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero in Mexico, has approximately 110,000 inhabitants, half of them are located in rural communities where many of them have a serious problem of water scarcity. Schools in these communities do not escape this situation, as not having enough water or water free of pathogens leads to reduced school days, drop-out and the onset of gastrointestinal diseases because by lack of sanitation, limited sources of water supply such as artisan wells and rivers are contaminated by domestic wastewater. More than half of the primary schools in Taxco Guerrero lack adequate water facilities and nearly two-thirds lack adequate health. This situation means that thousands of children in the municipality go to schools that do not have clean drinking water or latrines, basic elements that we assume must exist in schools in developed countries. Giving better quality water, as well as water, health and hygiene services in schools reduces hygiene-related diseases. Among children under the age of 14, more than 20 percent of deaths and disabilities are attributed to poor water quality as well as insufficient hygiene. Click for more info