Awareness campaign for the establishment of a climate of trust

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PROJECT TITLE: "awareness campaign for the establishment of a climate of trust between the populations and the forces of defense and security in the municipalities of Mopti, Youwarou, Djenne, Bandiagara and Koro " in republic of Mali The multiple crises in Mali without ever being resolved have varied and complex causes, with feelings of inequality and injustice arising from them. However, most Malians who have lived through these periods of crisis believe that, even more than the conflicts themselves, it is their recurrence that seems, in the eyes of the populations, to constitute the main obstacle to peace and cohesion. This recurrence is largely explained by the limitations and failures in the management and resolution methods of imported conflicts but also by the inability of our Defense and Security Forces (FDS). This has fostered a crisis of confidence in themselves and their population. These multiple politico-security crises have accentuated the deep crisis of confidence between the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the civilian populations. This situation of reciprocal mistrust, which is observed in several cases of societies recovering from conflicts, constitutes in itself a fundamental element of the crisis system which hinders the stabilization and consolidation of peace: "The relationship between civil society and the security sector is fundamental to human security. In many places, civilians view security forces with suspicion, perceiving them as predators rather than protectors. At the same time, many soldiers and police are also suspicious of civil society, questioning their intentions”. This mistrust is characterized by certain factors explaining the dissatisfaction of the populations with the quality of the services provided by the FDS. These factors are grouped together at the level of the internal management of the SDFs themselves on the one hand, and the lack of dialogue and collaboration between the SDFs and the populations on the other hand. Click for more info